Make Money Blogging: Taking Blogging as Full Time Career

Some of the folks don’t take blogging as a serious activity, and blog on just about anything in this world, but little do they know about the blogging money professional bloggers make in the blogosphere. So, you ask how to make money online blogging, and how easy it is, to earn money blogging .  Well, there are six figure bloggers, and amazing blogging freaks who’ve not just made a living out of blogging, but transformed the way blogging was taken. Currently, there are countless professional bloggers who make handsome money blogging online (including me, lol!), simply sharing their knowledge, and writing informative stuff on their blogs on a daily basis. However, there much more to it than simply blogging about your favorite topics. Improving SEO of your blog is something that you’ll have to keep learning on every-day basis, and there’s end to this learning curve as you keep looking at the very best in blogosphere and tend to learn from their tips, as well as your past experiences. At least in my case, I’ve done lot of homework to figure out what it takes to make money online blogging, and how to create your online identity before your starting a blog. If you do a quick google search on my name ‘om thoke’, you’ll find thousands of results, and these basically reflect my 6 years of hard work in the blogging arena. Before starting, i wanted to gain enough experience, and hence i started with tech blogs like, and tried out various things. Now, I simply help the newbies in blogosphere in understanding the challenges that a blogger faces, how to overcome them, how to make money online blogging, and how to take blogging as a full time career path. So, if you really want to make some serious money with blogging, you’ll have to get the basics right, do a lot of hardwork, and stop expecting results too soon. Remember, everyone spends 4 years to complete a graduate degree, before they earn even a penny, so it’s unfair to expect lot of money by blogging for few days. Be rest assured that if you devote 6-10months on blogging, by following all the advices of expert bloggers, you’ll start making decent money to make a living out of blogging! I will be personally giving out tips to make money with Google Adsense contextual advertising program, affiliate marketing, and other resources on this blog, and tell you ONLY the strategies that have ACTUALLY WORKED for me! And, in case you’re wondering why the heck would a 5 figure blogger share his trade secrets with others just like that, let me clarify that I’m after-all going to hold back a few of my secrets, but I’m definitely going to share all my knowledge, and help you in getting the basics right, by means of this blog – so feel free to shoot your e-mails, and drop your comments to seek any kinda’ assistance, if you’re passionate towards blogging and makng money online! And, by the way, I’m rolling out my new SEO company Xpress SEO Solutions this month end, and we’d be doing grand promotions for it – so stay tuned!

Making Money Online With Your Blog

Making money online isn’t really rocket science; but, making consistent money online, isn’t a child’s play either. Even if you’re looking at generating $100 a month consistently, it takes a lot of hard work. Here’s a small guide to make money online with a simple blog. You need to first consider a profitable niche to start your blog; however, in this process, you must not end up selecting a niche that you find too difficult to write on.

I am personally really passionate about cars, and technology, you I decided to start as a tech blog, and to write car reviews, and present the latest car pictures collection, and I am quite sure that I will never run out of information to update my blogs for next 10-20years. Making money online in the long term will be possible only if you can maintain your blog with fresh content, and most importantly present some valuable info to your faithful readers. The golden rule is that you should try to vow the readers, but at the same time write stuff after doing keyword research through tools like Wordtracker, Google Insights, SEOToolbook etc. Writing for search engines, or writing on random topics without doing keyword research – both will be only wastage of time as they’ll not help in driving traffic, and making money from your blog.

How to Promote Your Blog

Once you’ve put some valuable content on your blog, it’s time to spread the word in blogosphere, and there’s no better way than start a social bookmarking campaign. I’d recommend using the handy list of social bookmarking sites to start off. Next, you may want to comment on fellow bloggers’ blogs, and participate actively in some forums in your niche. Furthermore, you may also doing a guest post on others’ blog, to build some handy links to your blog, and bring it to the notice of search engines. All in all, you need some decent traffic – say about 1000-2000visitors per day to your blog.

Ways to Monetize Your Blog

Google AdSense: Once you’ve steady readership, and good search engine traffic, you can enroll to Google Adsense contextual advertising program as a publisher, and make a good deal of money out of it. Again, it takes a bit of time, and patience to really make serious money, but as per my personal experience, you can begin to monetize when you’ve about 100-200posts on your blog, and receive steady traffic of close of 2000visitors/day.

Amazon: If you’ve a site based on product reviews, affiliate marketing program is yet another excellent way.

Other Avenues: Additionally, you may also want to consider Text-link ads, selling blogroll space, banner ads, and even promoting relevant clickbank products on your blog to support your revenue-stream. So, go ahead, and give it a try; should you require any help don’t hesitate to drop in your comments to seek help!

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